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ISO Standing

Specialty Container Inc. operates a quality Management System that is compliant with ISO 9001:2008

The registration covers the Quality Management System for the printing and provision of custom containers, impact resistant containers, chemical resistant containers, closures and dispensing closures for towels and wipes, commercial inks, UV inks, automotive wax and polish, cosmetic, pet grooming cleaner and soap, hand cleaner, grease, cement, and putty markets.

Dry Off-Set Lithography

Lithography is printing from a flat surface, whereas an image is first transferred photographically to a thin metal plate to a rubber blanket.

The term most commonly used when referring to lithographic printing is "Offset". Dry offset transfers the image from the plate to a rubber blanket and then to the container being printed. The image is not directly printed on the container; instead it is offset or transferred to another surface before placing the image on the container.

The terms photolithography, offset, litho-offset, and offset lithography are all synonyms in commercial printing for the most widely-used form of Plano graphic printing.

Dry offset lithography's printing process is probably the most unrestricted. It produces color tones ranging from deep black to the brightest, fullest range of colors.