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Specialty Container maintains an extensive inventory of plastic containers for many applications. Click here to see our entire stock of plastic containers and lids.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the lead-time on new artwork?
A: Approximately 3 weeks

Q: What is the lead-time on revised artwork?
A: Approximately 1 week

Q: What freight class is normally used for shipping?
A: Class 150

Q: What are the skid sizes?
A: 46 x 54

Q: Does Specialty Container contact the carrier or should the customer?
A: Specialty Container will be glad to call the freight carrier, but if the customer prefers to handle the shipments, Specialty would provide you with the accurate information.

Q: What are your shipping terms?
A: All freight is FOB Owensboro, KY 42303

Q: Does Specialty Container have discounts with LTL carriers that the customer can use?
A: Yes, we have several LTL carriers, which provide our customers with a very high discount. These discounts can be used as long as the customer does not have a set discount with the specified carrier.

Q: Are third party shipments allowed?
A: Yes

Q: How should customers place their orders with Specialty?
A: All orders must be faxed. Mailed, or e-mailed. (Fax: 270-926-9696, e-mail: lisa@sccans.com , Address: PO Box 1453, Owensboro, KY 42302)

Q: What are normal lead times?
A: 2 weeks or less

Q: Are the plastics and colors used FDA Approved?
A: Yes