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Paste Wax Containers

Specialty Container maintains an extensive inventory of plastic containers for many applications. Click here to see our entire stock of plastic containers and lids.

Paste Wax Containers
Automotive, Marine, and Aircraft

Injection molded plastic paste wax containers provide better structural integrity and chemical resistance.

Plastic Paste Wax Container sizes are available from 4 oz to 21 oz.

  • Heavy duty plastic paste wax container construction retains container integrity during the hot filling process.
  • Tight fitting closures that grip securely even when dropped.
  • Undergo special molding procedures and testing to relieve internal structural stress and increase product compatibility and shelf life.
  • Custom colors available for all plastic paste wax containers.
  • One color to full color process high quality dry offset lithography is available for most plastic paste wax containers.

Paste Wax Containers

Paste wax cans are manufactured by Specialty Container, Inc. and marketed exclusively by Plastic Bottles, Inc.

For information and quotation, contact Paul Weil, at (800) 891-3437 ext. 12.