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Prepress Requirements for Standard Plates

Digital Software Supported:
Adobe Creative Suite CS2
Adobe Illustrator 12.0
Adobe InDesign 4.0
Adobe Photoshop 9.0
Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional
Quark Xpress 6.5
Freehand 9.0
Microsoft Work
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Excel
Alladin Stuffit Deluxe 7.0

Accept Artwork in the following file formats:
.ai – Native Adobe Illustrator vector file
.eps – Native Adobe Illustrator EPS or generic EPS vector file
.tif – TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) raster image file
.jpg – JPEG raster image file
.psd – Native Adobe Photoshop layered raster image file
.pdf – Adobe or Generic PDF (Portable Document Format)
.zip – Generic Windows Compressed File
.sit or .sea – Compressed Stuffit Archive

Supports Media submitted on the following formats:
- Via email
- Pick up from your FTP site

All digital artwork must include fonts & placed images and be accompanied with either a PDF proof or a hardcopy mechanical color proof.

Art work can be recreated into digital camera ready art for color separation from the following:
Film Positives
Film Negatives
Printed Sample
Color Proof
Dylux Proof
Printed Plate

Prepress Requirements for Stealth Screening plates

Native application files do require editing, trapping and Customer proof approval

Native Mac files must include an approved hard proof for content or an Approved PDF as an electronic stat to be printed out for Quality Control purposes.

Native file formats accepted for Macintosh OS10X and Pc formats:

Illustrator -CS1+2+3+4
Acrobat PDF 7,8,9 (1.6-1.7)
Freehand 8.0-9.0-10-MX
QuarkXpress 4.1- 5.0- 6.5 -7- 8
Indesign CS1+2+3+4
Photoshop CS1+2+3+4
All Adobe Creative suite 1,2,3,4

Please provide all Images, fonts and any linked elements used in Files

All Images should be 300 DPI or higher

*Mac Native PDF files must have all fonts and hi-res images embedded and be in the correct color space including spot colors. PDF's should not be Flattened and kept at highest transparency level possible when created (1.6 or above).

→ Include Copies of any special Xtensions and/or fonts used (both screen and printer fonts.. You should not use your software program to stylize fonts (bold, outline, shadow, etc.). Use the actual font that you want to print and/or stylize your fonts manually. Avoid using Multiple Master fonts.

☐ Avoid scaling images above 130% in any application. Up-scaling images will cause the final resolution to be decreased resulting in lower quality. Layered Photoshop files should be sent along with flattened files in case of any corrections needed.

→ Document size should be at final size it will print at.

→ Please label on printouts any corrections to files and Color corrections needed, also color breaks including spot colors that will be printed. Spot colors (pantone colors) should be kept as spot colors and not CMYK.


  • Files may be sent via FTP, Email (10Mb or less), CD_ROM or DVD or Uploaded thru Carey Color website.
  • To avoid corruption files need to be compressed using Native OS compression or stuffit or winzip.
  • Please call your Carey sales rep. or CSR for Login and password information.