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ISO Standing

Specialty Container Inc. operates a quality Management System that is compliant with ISO 9001

The registration covers the Quality Management System for the printing and provision of custom containers, impact resistant containers, chemical resistant containers, closures and dispensing closures for towels and wipes, commercial inks, UV inks, automotive wax and polish, cosmetic, pet grooming cleaner and soap, hand cleaner, grease, cement, and putty markets. Also design, development and manufacturing of custom molds.


High quality dry off-set lithography labeling using the latest technology is available for most containers, lid sizes and types.

Specialty Container’s high speed printing services (labeling process) utilizes both standard dry off-set and stealth screening technology to produce exceptional image sharpness, print stability, and razor sharp images with up to six colors in one pass, redefining the limits of our print services (labeling) for dry off-set lithography.

Cary Color’s Stealth screening technology with its 3-D CO2 lazar abrasion and below surface engraving process combined with Specialty Container’s printing technology achieves full color photographic quality, competing with in-mold labeling at a fraction of the cost and even reduces the print cost for small labeling runs.

Specialty container’s dry off-set lithography produces a much higher quality labeling with more colors, printing sharper images, and closer registrations at a lower cost then the silk-screening process.
Specialty Container’s certified printers follow ISO Quality Management Standard procedures to achieve the highest quality print labeling. Specialty Container’s printers have years of experience with printing and pride behind all dry off-set print jobs.

Customer owned dry off-set plates are carefully inventoried and maintained in a safe storage area.

The UV inks used in our printing services (labeling) are bright, colorful, scruff resistant, fade resistant, and resistant to a large variety of chemicals. Colors are blended by weight using PMS color percentages from primary colors, special colors, and opacifiers, and then checked against PMS color standards for color and intensity.

Customer requirements are predetermined before labels are printed and documented for each customer print job.

Specialty Container welcomes the opportunity to work with you from label concept, design, final layout, to finished labeled container.

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Printing Products