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Specialty Container, Inc. Quality Heavy duty injection molded construction maintains container integrity during the filling process even when the fill is hot.

All injection molded plastic containers undergo special molding procedures to relieve internal structural stress and increase product compatibility and shelf life.

Specialty Container plastic lid design assures a tight fit that grips the can securely even when dropped. Our "impact resistant cans" for the industrial ink industry will withstand drops from five feet onto concrete, even when filled with ink.

From raw-material, injection molding, and decorating, each step is subjected to multiple strict quality standards and traceable documentation.

All plastics and colors used in our molding process are virgin prime, FDA certified, with lot numbers and specifications documented for each production run and shipment.

A brief overview of quality procedures:

As color and plastic is received it is accompanied by documented specifications, Type, Melt index, Density, Izod, and Lot number. After satisfying our specifications and standards, incoming material is accepted into our inventory for processing.

Color is automatically mixed with plastic during the injection molding process using in-line mixers assuring consistent color through out the production run.

During the injection molding process 15 minute, one hour, and 24 hour continuous documented, traceable inspections are made for size, cosmetic issues, and structural integrity. All plastic containers are molded in a clean environment using the latest technology and machinery.

Specialty Container uses the injection molding process to provide a stronger more ridged plastic container, with more accurate controllable dimensions, and less paneling or “potato chipping” with higher chemical resistant properties, than the blow molding process.

After the molding process, parts are quarantined for additional testing, part traceability, and quality approval before being released and moved into our warehouse for decorating (Label printing) and shipment.

Our ink colors are carefully blended by weight from primary colors, special colors and opacifiers. After blending, colors are matched against PMS color standards for color and intensity.

During our offset lithography printing process, cans are continuously checked and tested for registration, color, color intensity, adhesion, on service cure, lay down, cosmetic integrity, and checked every 20 minutes for bar code scan ability, using industrial standard protocol and ANSI standards.

Our quality policy is to produce products that meet customer requirements in a cost effective manner, using commonn sense, continous improvement, proven technology and pride in workmanship, in a safe, clean, team oriented environment.