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ISO Standing

Specialty Container Inc. operates a quality Management System that is compliant with ISO 9001:2008

The registration covers the Quality Management System for the printing and provision of custom containers, impact resistant containers, chemical resistant containers, closures and dispensing closures for towels and wipes, commercial inks, UV inks, automotive wax and polish, cosmetic, pet grooming cleaner and soap, hand cleaner, grease, cement, and putty markets.

UV Inks

UV inks act like liquid paste. The ink is exposed to concentrated UV radiation; a chemical reaction then takes place during which the photo-initiators cause the ink components to cross-link into a solid, called curing.

The desired benefits are because 100% of the material applied to the container remains after curing, there is potential to achieve greater densities than with conventional inks. Due to the higher viscosities, UV inks work well for printing fine line, process, and vignettes.

Cured UV inks provide many desirable end use qualities including excellent rub resistance, chemical resistance, exceptional color consistency and superior gloss.